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What are you looking for a beauty product? Essentially, you are on the look-out for quality results as well as ingredients which you could trust. Moroccan oil is such a product. However, it is a bit expensive. But a few drops certainly go a long way. It could also be applied all over the body such as the face, hair, feet, elbows and cuticles. It is not at all greasy as the body easily absorbs the oil. You also need not wait for months before you see the effects since the results are immediate. You really need to see it for you to believe it.

Essentially, Moroccan argan oil could be considered as the most powerful beauty serum produced by nature. Though this is new to the US, this specific item has long been used for numerous centuries particularly by Morocco’s women. It is also a guarded secret by women in Europe. Its reputation is simply astounding as Moroccan Argan oil 100% works.

Compared to other oils, Moroccan argan oil is light. Plus, it is absorbed by the hair, nails and skin just as easily. It is also rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E to produce skin that is glowing and healthy. Be aware that Argan is not just used for dry skin. Psoriasis and acne could also be solved by this product. It also possesses powerful anti-ageing ingredients as it removes wrinkles and fine lines thereby making skin appear soft, supple and clear.

This miracle oil is sourced from the Argan Tree. Take note that the tree is also referred to as the Tree of Life in Morocco due to the benefits it brings to their culture. For one, goats, sheep and camels consume the tree’s nuts and leaves. Cattle also feeds off from the tree. The nut shells produced by the tree are converted to fuel. Meanwhile, Moroccan women consume the oil from the tree.

This magical product is also rich in carotene, vitamin E, phenolic acid, phenols and essential fatty acids. It contains natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also absorbs and moisturises the skin and hair quickly.

It also strengthens and smoothens the hair. It is a great choice for those who want to go through hot oil treatments. Two to three drops applied on your hair will offer control and decrease frizziness minus the dryness normally associated with styling products. It also has the ability to protect and moisturise your hair from the negative effects of curling, blow-drying or hair strengthening.

Research has also shown that the oil aids in promoting hair growth and helps halt hair loss. The omega 3 as well as omega 9 fatty acids penetrate the shafts of the hair and stimulates growth. It also changes dull, dry and parched skin to one that is smooth and properly moisturised.

Currently, Argan oil is considered as one of the most precious oils in the world. The Argan tree is also resilient and could very much adapt and survive even in the absence of water. Take note that it could last up to 200 years. They are also able to thrive in harsh climates as well as in the semi-desert environment of South West Morocco.